Future Tech


We provide and facilitate solutions based on latest and emerging technoligies incl. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning, Data Science, Genomics, Computer Vision, Blockchain, and many more. The focus is to provide effective integration of these in various business situations incl. Non profits and sustainable development areas.


We organize quality online and offline events incl. Conferences, Workshops, Hackathons, Webinars, Classes and a lot more to effectively connect and involve the community in harnessing, understanding and engaging future technolgies. This includes school, college students, Tech professionals, Trainers, Industry leaders, Government, Entreprenuers, Non Profits, Housewives, Youth Groups and more.

Training & Placements

Training & upskilling leading to placements and promotions in job or entreprenership in Future technologies is a core focus area at Satvik WebSolutionsForMe. Here we look at the training part as the foundation to be effectively enter the industry as a better employee or an enterprenuer. Here students can leverage and with the various iniviatives we are incubating using these future technologies. We are aligning with industry leaders and organizations in the training and skilling space.

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